As you may know, I continue the journey of humanature series. I somehow addict to this topic. I remember the first piece I had was drawn in '94-'95. I drawn a tree trunk with a lot of figures in it. I put that piece in display in the restaurant. One day, there was a little girl standing in the front of the picture and counting figures. She told me that there are 32 figures there in the picture which I don't have any idea even in a creator perspective. Until recently, I revisit the 'humanature' series again and develop more about this idea. This is the theory of the humanature that is a very peaceful harmony of the world.


Rui Sousa said…
Great work, a nice illustration!
sketched out said…
That is such a cool concept. Can't wait to see more!
Alex said…
Great work Tim!
I really enjoy your humanature series.

Rest well and take care!

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