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New sketch for 3A Rothchild drop date


Daily observation

Bomb Square


Some smiles :) - got UK series

drown ... pet peeves

3A release night sketch: Blind Cowboy

Second Dunny in progress

3A release sketch - Medic - Doc Grunt


Munny from 'Humanature' series

3A 3 Year Anniversary Drop Sketch

Square drawing session

Work in progress

Weather: winter

Fun days

Weather: WINDY

Random sketch

Try Microsoft Photosynth app on my iPhone4

Releasing night sketch for WWRp De Plumes

Humanature by Canson journal hardcover


sketch: sequential and astronaut

Last de Plume release night sketch

Time, have to say it.

IF: cultivate

A PEEK ON EASEL: Work in progress, ocean depth

Sketch: oakridge

IF: Swarm

Eyes + cloud + fog + blue

Sketch from a song

sketches for commissioned work

IF: Reverse

IF: Surrender