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Making art not easy but it is my way of life testimony

Recently, feeling tired of what I do. Making this or making that for clients/companies, I lost my passion on working on the projects.

So I restarted my sketchbook and posting on Instagram, Facebook, my WordPress website and here (rebooted blog). I am trying to restart my true passion on my creativity. I just want to do something I feel relax and being positive of what I am doing. Somehow I work on collage and make me feel like I am an artist again. Refresh my way of thinking and of course, God gives me the affirmation of my creative side and He gives me strength.

Somehow I got a great feedback from my coworker who is also my fan at FB, she wrote this sentence to me:

"I have been enjoying your sketchbook pages you have been sharing on Facebook."
Just a piece of complement will just enough to keep me going. If you see my blog somehow, please let me know your comments on my work. Thanks.

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