Ski trip at Reno 12/27-29

This is my first ski trip even though I did not really go skiing but I had fun and did some sketches. I enjoy seeing snow at the mountain and feel like I was in Europe or something. But fortunately, I was in Reno which is not far from my home in California. It is a great experience because I went there with my wife and 2 closed friends. I got lucky that I did not need to drive because of my friends' hospitality and his willingness to drive us there. So the whole trip was relaxed and enjoyed the after the White Xmas Atmosphere. Seeing snow falling down on ground and to the leaves of the trees are terrific and feel like God is painting his landscape masterpiece by using a painting knives. I could really tell how thick and smooth of the paint (snow) in the landscape. The whole landscape is from green to white, gray and blue (mountains in distance). Besides this, we were happy that my friends found us a great deal $75 per person for 2 night stays including 2 lift tickets, $20 meal coupon and bowling coupons etc, at Grand Sierra Resort Hotel at Reno.


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