Finish work of Homage

This is my finish work of Homage which is the title of the entry for 3A Sketch Board for Dec. The Homage of Jacques-Louis David and my teacher in SJSU Barron Storey. Theme of the picture is The Death of Marat (1793), technique is inspired by Barron's layering techniques. Hope you guys like it too. I am satisfied with the result here because I had fun with the process.


Meagan said…
I love this! I've been slowly and sort of accidentally incorperating layering techniques into my work, but I still feel pretty hesitant about the process. Nice job.
timafli said…
The technique here I used was from teacher Barron Storey, he likes to use matte medium before he painted. For this example, I did a pen and ink on the board and use watercolor, then I sealed with a crystal clear, then I applied matte medium then acrylics. Hope you can try. Thanks for the comment. Happy New Year.

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