recent update & HK trip

I have not had time to write my blog recently because I am taking a web site class and some other jobs I have to take care. So you don't see my entry in Illustration Friday. But I did not stop drawing/sketching. Weird thing is I found my old unfinished moleskine sketchbook which was putting somewhere on the bookshelf of mine. It was 1/5 finished, so I decided to continue the journey. But I know it will be hard to restart an abandoned journal. Shame on me!

Hope I can fill more pages when I am on the plane. Forget to mention that I will be back to Hong Kong for my grandma's funeral. She was a kind 'loving-heart' lady who brought me up when I was kid. In my memory, she always has a smiling face and she is a great cook. She used to make a great Chinese New Year dinner with shark fin soup, dried scallops, chicken and dried shitake mushroom. That taste is wonderful. I believe she is in a better place with my Heavenly Father now, may be she is still cooking.

See you when I get back from HK and show you more of my journal.


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