Fasting Experience on OCT 1

This is my first time fasting experience. The reason for my fasting is about getting closer relation to God. I used some of the fasting time to pray and repent what I done in the past. For me, fasting is hard because I like to eat and cook too. I had hardest time yesterday because my office is quite near to cafeteria. I smelt food all day but I could only drink water and green tea. Finally, I made it. Feeling a little weak and dizzy, other than that I was okay and sleep a little earlier. Fortunately, I got a set dinner - pork kimchi, rice and green onion soup. The place also has good ramen (Japanese noodle) too, here it is Tokushima Ramen Do-henkotsu, San Jose. Check out the link:

Great place to eat shoyu, miso ramen and set dinners.

Have a great day! timafli


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