Illustration Friday - Worry

Worry – this is the most familiar subject matter to me. As an artist, constantly struggling with money, seeing stuffs around like the Santa Cruz Mountain Fire, China's earthquake and violence around this area that I feel inferior and helpless. Especially, the SC Mountain Fire is very bad that it destroyed a lot of people's homes. From the news here, there is one furniture artist who made a lot of handmade Victorian furniture that the fire destroyed all his collection of this precious furniture and home. For China, they spent all the strength to prepare Olympic game but it had the earthquake to destroy people's home and lives. It is so devastated. Plus my personal struggle, After my wife's emotion calmed down about her step mom, I have to catch up with my work, (online class) homework and projects. I was worried that I could not be able to meet those deadlines. The outcome for this week is just being worried. So this week I can only submit my journal page as a reflection of my mental state.


Tim Hunt said…
Timothy, Nice to see this side of your work. I always like seeing sketches and journals. There is a certain intimacy that doesn't always translate to finished works. I wish peace for you and your wife.
Patrick said…
I agree with Tim Hunt, it's really great to see your journal, and a stream-of-consciousness representation of what's going on in your head. Very cool.

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