Illustration Friday – Wide

Wide faced girl with sadness in her eyes. I did this piece to show the emotional content of my wife who just lost her step mom. As a husband, I could not help in any way except listening of her complaint. Sometimes I feel helpless and ignorant that I cannot do anything to help in any way.


Vhrsti said…
Cool! This is a bit outstanding illustration of you but great! Love it!
Creating art is wonderful therapy.
Your piece is beautiful and conveys a lot of emotion.

Great work!

Anonymous said…
This is really lovely. Different from some of your work but a very effective style, with a very gentle sadness.
Anonymous said…
This is beautiful. I know how you feel, I've been in that helpless place. But being there for her to talk to is a great thing to do... and I'm sure she appreciates this wonderful illustration.
kathy hare said…
beautiful and expressive..
Anonymous said…
This is a great illustration. Not only are the textures cool, but I love the emotion you conveyed in the eyes. It made me feel melancholy. I am sorry for your wife's loss. Just being there and showing your support is the best thing you could do. This piece is a perfect example of that. Great job!
Connie said…
Some last minute visiting: love the complexity of this image and the line work.

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