Illustration Friday - Little Things

'Little Things' first came to my mind is a lot of small stuffs jumping around the picture. For me, that will be fatal because – I cannot have a plan for the chaos. So I rethink the subject again and came out this idea related to my 'humanature' series. Imagine little things can relate to human and nature. Then, I came up with the face as a symbol of human; the tree branches and roots as symbols of nature. A little surreal as a sense. In manifest, when I painted the face and came to me like my mom - may be the 'mother nature' kicks in my concept. Hope you enjoy this watercolor painting.


Brine Blank said…
Really like the color use...nice
Kate Cummings said…
The face is beautifully done and I really like the transition to the more abstract elements in the painting. It's an image that's staid in my mind.
Issi said…
amazing , greetings, Issi

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