This few weeks I have been rethinking my painting. I did a series of figurative watercolor and pen ink. Somehow I really want to get away with the form and more concentrate on the feel and the philosophy of painting – so I saw Mark Tobey's piece in Portland Art Museum when I had the trip there last week. Tobey's painting is very inspiring for me to let me rethink what painting really means to me. So with Tobey's inspiration, I created this. I use watercolor as the base for the expression of color and put black to calm it down. After that, I use calligraphy brush strokes to express the feel of the painting and each brush strokes. I named it "window" which I think it could be the 'window' to my next painting journey. Tell me what you think. Thanks.


this is a powerful piece! i support the journey your art is heading..
steve said…
Fine fine job--you have definitely moved forward here with this piece, though I like your previous work a lot as well. Keep up the good work!!

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