NEW JOURNAL for 2007

This is my new journal cover for 07 with a modern art flair. After the visit of Oregon, I have the inspiration to begin my new journal. I recorded the memories there, especially the art museum visit of Portland Art Museum - I saw the special exhibit of Rembrandt. Painters alike Gerhard Richter, Mark Tobey, etc.. who are my favorite artists. That's why I create the last 2 entries of Self and Window which are the inspiration of Mark Tobey's 'White Writing'. The next place I really want to visit will be NYC.. Hope to get there soon in the future.

This is one of the example that I am trying to cooperate with the subject matter of 'roots.' The next one I called 'mud' which portrays of different interaction of communication which can be a mess. I like the intensity of this image. It is a massive volume of overloads.


Wei Ning said…
Very interesting textures and lines, especially the one on the top. Love it! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

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