change to hope and joy!

My dad went to visit me and my wife last month and he left yesterday. He was from Hong Kong. Though today I should feel release but not. I miss him because I saw him not wanting to leave last night in the airport. He did not give me the 'grade report' (means he would pinpointed parts I did not do right and did not treat him right in some occasions, for me it is like a grade report from my dad instead of teachers from school, and felt bad all the time, maybe a' guilt trap'). He just told me to take care of myself and my wife. It was in a different tone from last time he visited me. Time flies and things change. Besides, we prayed in the hotel together which is a big jump for us in the relationship. He cried and so as me and my wife. Will pray for his salvation and hope God will speak to him that he has hope and joy, and new start in his life. Love to see his smile and happy all the time.


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