Redwood City Phantom & Art Walk

I am doing a Live Painting this Saturday plus art sales and display, check it out if you are around.
TIME: Saturday, June 12 from 7 - 9 pm
I am thinking to do on a canvas with acrylics and ink. Since ink is my easy to flow when I do the humanature style. I do not have a big easel and I will be bringing a table easel with a folded table. It will be fun and I feel excited already. See you there.
Other artists include:
Erica Aranyos,
Damon Bailey,
Mariana Barnes,
Daniel Gautier,
Elizabeth Gray,
Stuart Johnson,
Lorraine Lawson,
Woody Miller,
Beth Mostovoy,
Donna Orme,
Gianfranco Paolozzi- & Friends live music,
Maria Sanchez,
Matthew Seigel,
and Kate Stewart



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