freaky neighbor PART I

I just finished a part of my 'freaky neighbor' story... here you go

This is the story in case you cannot read the content.

In my memory, I always remember the story of my freaking neighbor. It took place when I graduated from college and just found a job in a little print shop. At that time, I was living in a small 2-story apartment complex and the room #1781. With my little salary as a printing assistant, I could only afford a 1-bedroom apartment at the second floor (I always think the second floor has a relatively more fresh air than the first floor). Anyway, downstairs neighbor was an Indian family. They were mostly silent fellas but sometimes they would invite a small group of people to hangout, dance, chat and have a party with their favorite music. I really did not mind because I worked mostly in a swing shift and came home late anyway. Of course, I was not invited in their gatherings even though I lived upstairs. I would not mind that actually because I was not a big fan of Indian music anyway. So everything I went well with them until they moved out. Everyday I was doing a same routine to go back home late, then I would turn on TV or played some video games as always. It was my own private time.

One night when I was doing my routine, I heard some noise come from downstairs neighbor, like someone opening the drawers with big noise, after that I heard something poking the floor (his ceilings) really loud and rough. He even tried to catch my footstep and poked the floors for few minutes. I thought I was not that heavy so that my footstep would become a ‘giant walking steps’ for him. I was scared that I remember some news about neighbor got annoyed and residents got killed by his neighbor with a rifle or something in Texas, then the movie clip start flowing in my mind called “Texas Chainshaw Massacre,” or even the Japanese scary movie called ‘Ringu”or even “Never Talk to the Strangers!” I remember the final scene of ‘Ringu,” the girl came out from the well and crawling from the tv and killed people. Stop! He is just a neighbor from my apartment complex. I had to stop thinking about this. I needed to sleep. But actually, I could not sleep that night. I could only close my eyes with pounding heartbeats.
Next day I went to work and felt like a ‘zombie’ walking on the street. In fact, I could not concentrate on my work. And I was extremely exhausted without the whole night rest. I did not remember when I closed my eyes standing next to a copier when I was supposed to do a printing job for a high tech company around here. My head fell and hit some of keys from the copier and the machine started to make a lot of copies like 200 or something. At that time, I did not care what I was doing but just getting some rest. My manager came to try to make some copies and saw me. She yelled at me, “what are you doing here?” And I was awoke by her voice. I hardly opened my eyes and saw her vague image and said, “sorry!”

After I left from work really late, I drove home with my red ‘hip’ 94 Geo Metro with 3-cylinder engine which was neither powerful nor hybrid. But seriously, it was a gas saver. It took me almost 45 min. from San José back to where I lived. I feel very tired and exhausted because of my sleeplessness. I walked by downstairs apartment and was curious about my downstairs neighbor. I peeked through the fences and tried to take a good look of my mysterious neighbor but with the blinds I could not see clear enough to identify the image. It was entirely dark. With help of the outside street lights, I saw something which is big, muscular and has a little light reflections on its face maybe. For me, it looks like a giant and very hairy. Its hair was completely covered by its face. I tried to identify what I am seeing here and stood there for a while. “A caveman, a giant hairy dude, and bear?” I mumbled. I felt there was something touching me on my right shoe. I did not know what it was and I just kicked it and let it loose off my foot. Then, it made a noise of ‘meow’ – a stray cat. When I looked back to the blinds, it was looking at me – Oh, Shit!. I had to run to upstairs and lock the door behind me. I was so afraid that I did not get change, ran on the bed, then switched off all the lights and kept completely silent. My mind wondered around the giant was downstairs to shake the floors to ‘show off’ his power to me that he has controlled my daily life. I felt tired and fell asleep that night.

It had been silent for few night. I thought my neighbor might be taking a vacation or something. It became my usual habit every time I went downstairs and took a peek of my neighbor. The blinds were opened when I stood outside the fences, there was a nearly empty room with some tools, like a power drill, screwdrivers and hammers, on the floors and 3 huge boxes aside. “What is it been doing” I wondered. The next day, when I went home from work, I saw some packages left from my neighbor’s door. 2 huge boxes labeled from some manufacturers that they were shipped from the other countries that I could not recognize the character or alphabets. The next day I was home and played my wii with ‘Medals of Honor.” I was very into that game and almost done with that game. Then, suddenly I heard the noise from downstairs. Something like assembling machinery noise – using the power drill or screwdriver to put parts together. Suddenly, I remember the old classic movie about a mad scientist created an earthquake machine to imitate the real stuffs to try to conquer the enemy from the other countries.



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