illustration friday - poof

This is my memory of 'poof' – Last weekend, my family [6 persons] went to SF Pier 39 CRAB HOUSE and we had a feast there. My uncle ordered almost 10lb of crabs, along with mussels, clams and beers. The crabs were very tasteful which were put on a heated pan to keep in high temp and hot with sizzling sound. Clams have a lot of juice and with garlics sauce. For the mussels, they were same presentation as crabs on a heated pan. Soo...goood.. after less than an hour, they all 'poof' - all gone on the table. Just like in heaven experience if you like crabs and seafood. Definitely, check it out in SF-Crab House.


Emily said…
Nice line work! I like the use of only one color in this piece.

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