I am happy to tell you guys that I got sold 3 pieces in Kaleid Gallery in San Jose this month. From last year til now, I sold 4 pieces. Well, I just break even because I have to rent that place 3 month/$100. So it is good to sell and hope to find some places that I don't need to pay for rent that will be nice. If anybody around my area (San Jose, CA) should try to do Kaleid once if you want to get exposure locally. By the way, one of my co-worker bought one small piece from me yesterday for her son who likes to draw. So one more pieces are sold. More importantly, all the sold artworks are done with ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY'S every week's topics. Thanks IF. If you want to purchase one of my artworks, please visit my site [] or email me.


sketched out said…
Congratulations! That is fantastic. Your work is really wonderful, so I imagine you will be selling a lot more soon.
Raluca C said…
I like your illos a lot!!Really great work!

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