Illustration Friday – I SPY _ the nature

Hi, This week for Illustration Friday I made it I SPY THE NATURE. I did two painting which the images in my mind for so long. They are related to ocean and the movement of the natural energy (gravity). I always like ocean because it has a lot of potential energy stored inside with the help of the gravity, the ocean become powerful waves which can badly harm the nation, like tsunami. Anyway, enjoy by painting and give me some comments. Medium; one is acrylic on canvas and the other is acrylic on panel. The top I like most because it has some aggressive waves which I did it earlier. The other one is just opposite which is relatively calmer than the top one which I created two different kind of moods.


janie said…
they're both beautiful, in fact I think that they compliment each other, the top one is so angry and stormy, then you have the calm after the storm in the bottom one.

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