Illustration Friday – RED "Tim-the-fish"

This is the illustration entry for Illustration The title is RED.

The concept is from one day I was sketching and doing my journal at home. I have an aquarium which I have 4 goldfishes. They all have names such as Tim, Lam, Beyoncé and Linney.

One of the fish, Tim, is always hungry and making a loud voice of searching food leftover on the gravel. And I need the concept for RED. Then, my inspiration is coming that Tim's my model for this picture of RED. Besides, he is an red oranda which is suitable for this title. So I did it with joy because I really connected to this picture. Hope you have the same feeling when you view this picture. Enjoy.

Medium: watercolor and pen/ink.


timafli said…
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Mirjam said…
Tim, your color is becoming so vibrant. It's really making your art pop. I really enjoy your combination of geometric shapes and patterns with organic elements. It's creates a very unique image..keep it going!
Jaffe said…
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